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Drinking water installations for livestock farming

About Total Water Care

All over the world, there is a direct link between health and the availability of clean drinking water. If insufficient clean drinking water is available, the health of our fellow human beings, for example, is under great pressure.

In developing countries, four-fifths of all diseases are transmitted by water. Diarrhoea is the main cause of child mortality in developing countries. Among adults, pregnant women are at the highest risk for health problems. This applies to all living creatures and is not different for animals.


Summit Water Systems

It was based on this belief that Summit Water Systems was founded. We are specifically concerned with drinking water quality in professional animal husbandry. Because we are convinced that water quality also has a direct impact on a company’s health status and production results of animals. Summit Water Systems has years of experience in the field of drinking water supply in the livestock sector.

In order to be able to guarantee your water quality, it is important for us to have a clear picture of all aspects of the water supply. For this purpose, we have developed Total Water Care. We do not compromise on quality. Our principle is that every farmer should be able to drink the water that is intended for his animals himself.


Total Water Care

Clean drinking water is by no means a matter of course. Good water quality requires a lot of attention! However, we know better than none other that as a farmer, you do not need any extra work. Total Water Care is a total approach to drinking water for professional livestock farmers.

Our approach secures the entire process from the source to the animal with the aim of providing your livestock with sufficient, reliable, clean and healthy drinking water at all times. Online monitoring allows you to always have insight into the soundness of your water and this ensures that you can operate without any worries.