All-in-one water filtration system for livestock farming

Good drinking water cannot be taken for granted, but it is a crucial basic condition for healthy livestock farming. Reduced water quality leads to production damage, such as:

  • more diseases
  • reduced growth
  • lower milk yield
  • poorer feed utilization

Total Water Care stands for a total concept to guarantee the water quality from the source to the animal, so that livestock farmers and their animals are always assured of clean, fresh and tasty drinking water. With the introduction of the skid mounted water filtration system, Total Water Care boosts its mission of making clean drinking water available for livestock farmers worldwide.

Iron, manganese and hardness are the most common problems in well water. The waterskid cleans iron, manganese and water hardness to the right level.

The system can produce up to 10,000 liters per hour / 80,000 liters per day. Sufficient to provide up to 500 milking cows, 300.000 broilers or layers and 15.000 fattening pigs of healthy, and clean water every day!

Total Water Care has integrated reliable and proven technologies in a convenient and compact system. The waterskid is easy to transport, install, maintain and monitor.

The entire system is pre-installed on the frame and only needs to be connected between the water line and power system. Then it’s ready to start-up for producing clean drinking water.

The system can produce up to 10,000 liters per hour / 80,000 liters per day.

Sander Fiers - Drinking water specialist Summit Water Systems