150,000 laying hens in West Flanders


The current supply of well water from 7 sources sometimes yields too little water. This is a common problem in western Belgium as these sources generally have low capacity. In order to have enough water, the farmer wants to expand the water supply by collecting rainwater. At the moment he uses 2 separate storage bunkers for this.

The water check:

  • Groundwater must be free of iron, manganese and hardness
  • Rainwater should be filtered from impurities
  • The water must be brought into the stable germ-free
  • The objective is to be able to monitor the consumption of water by species.
  • The installation should be fully automated, without the entrepreneur having to spend time on it.

Our solution:

Well water is pumped into a storage bunker via a central pump. Rainwater flows from the roof of the barn through a coarse dirt filter in the other storage bunker.

If water is needed, water from both bunkers is pumped up in equal proportions.

  1. First of all, we filter all floating dirt up to 5 microns out of the water by means of a self-cleaning filter.
  2. We then use an ion exchanger to remove iron, manganese and hardness from the water.
  3. Finally, both water flows are mixed and controlled by a UV filter. This UV filter disinfects the water so that it enters the barn germ-free.

With a good basic drinking water system, we can prevent ongoing introduction of drinking water contaminants and guarantee the quality of drinking water.

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