Existing stable with 220,000 broilers and expansion plan to 300,000


The quality of drinking water has deteriorated considerably. The water is visibly heavily polluted with particulate matter.

The water check:

  • Water comes from a 150 meters deep well.
  • The chemical quality of the water is good (no iron, manganese, ammonium etc.).
  • Soiling from the source with organic particulate matter (peat)
  • Persistent problems with drinking water quality and heavy biofilm

Our solution:

Soiling in the form of animal particles is not harmful for chickens in itself. However,
it does cause problems with clogged filters in the feed areas. and this soiling precipitates in the
water pipe which develops in a lot of biofilm The Di-O-Clean cannot resolve
the large amount of soiling that is continuously supplied. The Di-O-Clean pump is finally

The solution is a self-cleaning filter for dirt from Summit Water Systems. The
incoming water is now of perfect quality, without the farmer having to worry about it. No more
clogged water filters and precipitating deposits in the water pipes. The Di-O-Clean
pump has been restarted and can now do what it was meant to do: Keep the drinking water clean and

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