1,800 fattening pigs in Antwerp


This pig farm has an outdated well water supply and the quality of the water is not good due to the presence of too much iron and manganese. Due to the threat of failures and the fact that the system is outdated, the farmer decided to look for an alternative. The current system consists of a large autoclave that keeps the water in the pipes under pressure. The disadvantage of this system is that there are frequent pressure fluctuations, and therefore the pressure on the water pipeline is not constant.

The water check:

They want quality groundwater without iron and manganese

The well pump in the ground must be good and reliable

The water pressure in the barn must be constant, there must be no pressure fluctuations and therefore a frequency-controlled pump must be installed.

The installation must be fully automated

Our solution:

First of all, a new well pump was installed to replace the obsolete system. The large autoclave was removed and a frequency-controlled pump was installed. This in order to prevent pressure fluctuations, but it was also a great improvement from a hygienical point of view. In fact, bacteria can grow quickly in stagnant water.

Next, we tackled the water quality. Due to the large amount of iron and manganese we found in the water, great quantities of a biofilm formed. Iron and manganese cause the formation of a biofilm on the inside of water pipes. Because the hardness of the water is good, we didn’t have to do anything about that.

That’s why we chose a TWC FX system, which is a revolutionary filtering technique to remove iron and manganese without the need for consumables.

Due to the fact that a TWC FX system does not use salt, the sodium content in the water will not increase. We use this system a lot in regions around the Belgian coast, because this region already has a high sodium content of its own.

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