270,000 broilers in Drenthe


This company with its 270,000 broilers was unable to keep the required amount of water clean with the existing water purification system. This had bad consequences for the quality of the drinking water.

The water check:

Since the shed needs to be sprayed down, the peak consumption of the system is 60m3 per hour

The company uses several water sources.

The water contains a hardness of 16˚dH and an iron content of no less than 23mg/litre.

Considering an expansion to 400,000 broilers.

Our solution:

During this project, we had two challenges: a very high iron content and a high peak flow, namely 60m3 per hour. Despite the fact that these are quite extreme wishes, an Aqua Optima IO Trio 800 was installed.

This is an industrial water purification system that uses purification resins in three 800-litre cylinders This ensures that water that is completely free of lime, iron and manganese can be continuously supplied to the company at a rate of 60,000 litres per hour. Clean drinking water from the source is half the work.

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