4,000 piglets and 1,000 fattening Limburg


The pig farmer is unsure whether to choose tap water or well water, and asks Summit Water Systems for advice. His main requirement is good water quality at a low cost.

The water check:

Total water consumption: 25m³ per day, which is 9,125m³ per year.

Total tap water costs WML: €0.686 / m³ = €6,260 per year.

Well water at a depth of 70 meters, hardness 15 and iron 10 mg/l.

Our solution:

After a cost analysis, it was decided to build a new water source with a well pump and a water purification system. A 70 metre deep well with a diameter of 125 millimetres was drilled. A well pump with a frequency controller was placed in this well. This in order to give the system very constant water pressure without fluctuations at the lowest possible energy cost.

Because this water has considerable amounts of hardness and iron it has to be purified before it enters the barn. This is done with an Aqua Optima IO Duo 150. This is a purification system with 2 bottles of resin. . This resin removes lime, iron and manganese from the water through ion exchange, so that no mineral deposits can occur in the pipes.

Depreciation: €1,259.00
Maintenance €500.00
Salt consumption: €1,100.00

Total cost per year €2,859.00. This corresponds to €0.31 per m³ of water. Savings compared to tap water over a 10-year period is €34,312.

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