50 dairy cows with young cattle, 150 sows, 800 piglets and 1000 fattening pigs


Currently, drinking water for the cattle comes from a stone well. This water contains a lot of iron, manganese and flocked iron. The latter gives an orange colour to the water and a lot of soiling, which leads to blockages in the pipes.
The cattle keeper is looking for a system that can purify the pumped up water immediately and then pump it directly to the animals. He does not want any citernes because this leads to extra bacteriological soiling.

The water check:

The water must be filtered from floating particles with a self-flushing filter

Iron, manganese, high DH and ammonium must be removed from the water

The system must operate properly and reliably without daily checks

Our solution:

To start with, we placed two bottles of turbidex filters. This self-flushing system continuously filters the water to remove floating particles. Additionally, there are two bottles that remove iron, manganese, lime and ammonium from the water.
Because these filters are connected to each other, this can be done in one operation and clean drinking water is available for the cattle day and night.

The double bottles (2 turbidex and 2 deferrization bottles) allow for enough capacity – even while the bottles are being rinsed – to still clean the required amount of water.

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