We make sure that every farmer
farmer can also drink the water for his animals himself!

Good drinking water is not a matter of course, but it is a crucial prerequisite for healthy livestock farming. Reduced water quality leads to production loss, such as more diseases, reduced growth, lower milk yield and poorer feed intake. Total Water Care stands for a total concept to guarantee the water quality from the source to the animal, so that you, the livestock farmer, are always assured of clean, fresh and tasty drinking water.

Curious as to how we work?

Then view our company video here. We show step by step how we improve water quality.

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Provide sufficient drinking water

Water distribution is at the basis of every drinking water system. It includes everything that is needed to transport water from A to B. In other words, from the source to the animal. After all, all your animals should receive enough to drink.
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Clean water for your animals

We extract all the undesirable substances from the water. Floating dirt is taken out, excessive concentrations of minerals are removed from the water and microbial contaminants are rendered harmless by cleverly filtering. The result is clear, fresh and tasty drinking water for your animals.
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Keeping your animals healthy

After all undesirable substances have been removed from water, specific substances can be added. For example, cleaning and disinfecting agents to prevent biofilm formation and to keep the water quality up to standard.
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Guaranteeing the quality

Finally, we ensure that the desired quality and concentrations remain at the right level after any additions to the water. We do this by monitoring the values by means of sensors or periodic measurements, so that the water quality is guaranteed.
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Water purification
cattle farming

Milk consists 90% of water. Highly productive cows therefore drink as much as 150 litres of water per day. The water intake of a cow has a direct impact on the production of milk.

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Water purification
poultry farming

Clean drinking water is essential for the health of poultry. Drinking water plays an important role in the digestion of feed and controlling the body temperature.

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Water purification
pig farming

A pig drinks twice as much as he eats. A sow drinks about 20 litres of water a day. Poor water quality has a direct impact on a pig’s health.

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