Clean drinking water for your livestock farm

We ensure that every farmer can drink the water for his animals himself!

Good drinking water cannot be taken for granted, but it is a crucial basic condition for healthy livestock farming. Reduced water quality leads to production damage, such as more diseases, reduced growth, lower milk yield and poorer feed utilization. Total Water Care stands for a total concept to guarantee the water quality from the source to the animal, so that you as a farmer are assured of clean, fresh and tasty drinking water at all times.

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Is your water really clean?

You can now test the quality of your water with our water test

Water is critical to the good health of your animals. Yet the importance of water is often underestimated: isn't water water? Request the test via our website and gain insight into the quality of the drinking water of your livestock within a few days.

What you can expect from us


Always plenty of drinking water

The distribution of water forms the basis of every drinking water installation. It includes everything you need to transport the water from A to B. In other words, from the source to the animal. After all, all your animals must be given enough to drink.

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Clean water for your animals

Smart filtering removes floating dirt, (too) high concentrations of minerals are removed from the water and we make micro-bacterial contaminants harmless. The result is clear, fresh and tasty drinking water for your animals.
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Healthy water for your animals

After all unwanted substances have been removed from the water, certain substances can be added. This includes cleaning and disinfection agents to prevent biofilm formation and to maintain the water quality.

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Guaranteeing quality

Finally, we ensure that the desired quality and concentrations remain at the correct level after any additions to the water. We do this by monitoring the values via sensors or periodic measurements, so that the water quality is guaranteed.

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Pure water per animal group

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